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Why Healthcare is
Moving to the Cloud?

As the search for the perfect medical provider grows, the future of healthcare lives in the cloud. When it costs 6-7 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer, can organizations really afford to skimp on service?

Cloud technologies take healthcare into the future with conveniences, mobility, flexibility and interconnectedness. Technology is a tool that enhances customer experience.

Healthcare is now realizing the necessity to create outstanding customer experiences to retain patients. 70% of health plans surveyed believe contact centers play a primary role in customer retention, while 75% of healthcare providers surveyed view customer experience provided through the contact center as the competitive differentiator.

Cloud technology allows for:

  • Patients to gain 24/7 access to medical records
  • Collaboration between providers
  • Healthcare apps that help patients engage in their treatments

Customer experience is the differentiating factor for patients selecting a provider. The providers who understand this are the ones who are successful and will thrive in the future. And cloud techonology is the key to great customer experience.

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